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Divinely Manifested

MADE AS ORDERED: I Call in Divine Love

MADE AS ORDERED: I Call in Divine Love

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Please make sure to measure your size correctly! For a choker, 15 inch is ideal, 16 inches is better to be safe if you’re not sure on sizing. Model is wearing 16 inches

In the creation of this necklace, my intention was to combine the energies of rose quartz and carnelian to invoke the power of divine love. Rose quartz, known as the stone of universal love, serves to open your heart chakra, allowing love to flow freely in your life. On the other hand, carnelian, the stone of attraction, enhances your confidence and magnetism, making you irresistible to others. Together, this necklace acts as a conduit for the manifestation of "divine love," the purest and highest form of love.

Each necklace is infused with Reiki energy, providing spiritual support on your journey. As you wear it, set your intention and witness the magic of manifestation unfold before you. The combination of these crystals and the infusion of Reiki energy work harmoniously to bring your desires into reality, guiding you towards a path of love and fulfillment.



Rose Quartz 


Carnelian caries a powerful energy of stability and strength. It is known to increase courage and creativity while bringing a deep sense of warmth, happiness and wellbeing.

Use For:

Wear carnelian to instill confidence, courage and stability. It is a high-energy stone that will eliminate emotional fatigue while encouraging you to feel more inspired and energetic throughout the day.

Home and Space:

Carnelian increases energy levels and motivation making it a useful stone to keep in the office or workspace. This stone will enhance passion and creativity at the same time attract abundance and wealth. 

Chakra and Body:

Carnelian activates the root chakra, increasing vitality, creativity and passion. This crystal is known to balance hormones and increase fertility.

Rose Quartz: The Healing Crystal for Unconditional Love

Rose quartz has long been recognized as the stone of unconditional love. With its beautiful soft, pink hue and gentle energy, this stone brings deep inner healing and peace. Rose quartz will help to restore trust in relationships, soothe the heart in times of grief or loss and will encourage self-love and acceptance. 

Use For:

Use rose quartz in a crystal grid to promote healthy relationships of all kinds. This can be effective for attracting new love, creating harmony within an existing relationship or for strengthening bonds within the family.

Home and Space:

This is a beautiful stone to have in the bedroom to create a loving, intimate and restful environment. Keep a small piece under your pillow to encourage a peaceful sleep.

Chakra and Body:

Rose quartz is a crystal for the heart chakra. It can open the heart on all levels, resulting in a clearer understanding of love, compassion and peace.



• Avoid wearing your gemstones in water.
• Remove your jewelry when doing strenuous activities or exercise.
• Avoid contact with skincare products, perfumes, or other chemicals.
• To clean them, wipe them with a soft cotton cloth.


Materials are all Gold Filled, water and tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic 

Our jewelry is made to last, is tarnish-resistant for years unlike brass jewelry. It will not turn your skin green and has a higher durability than regular gold-plated material, making it perfect for everyday wear.

It will not change color and can be worn in water. Our jewelry is made to last, anti-tarnish, higher durability than a regular gold-plated material, perfect for everyday wear.


Gold-filled jewelry is hypoallergenic, which is ideal for those of you who have sensitive skin. Made of 5% solid gold, the gold is bonded onto a base layer, which is typically sterling silver. Gold-filled jewelry is safe to wear underwater (unless the water is chlorinated or is salt water) and is easy to clean.


Polish off your jewelry using a soft polishing cloth. This will help maintain its shine.
Safe in the water but avoid contact with perfumes, detergents, and other skincare products.
Avoid exercising in your jewelry or going into chlorinated pools.
Rinse with warm water after swimming

*Please be advised that this necklace is custom-made to suit your unique energy and sizing once purchased. Consequently, it cannot be returned under any circumstances. All sales on this item are final.

*As this item is also carefully crafted by hand rather than by machinery, I will fix or replace any broken items. For further details, kindly refer to our return policy.

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