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Divinely Manifested

Labradorite Necklace

Labradorite Necklace

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Labradorite is for Protection and Transformation


Labradorite is a powerful stone of protection and personal transformation. It guards against negativity of all kinds and eliminates bad habits or thought patterns, allowing you to develop and transform both emotionally and spiritually.

Use For:

Wearing labradorite is the most effective way of benefiting from its many healing properties. The stone encourages spiritual expansion and increases your intuitive abilities. It promotes personal growth and inner strength while allowing you to remain grounded and focused. 

Home and Space:

Labradorite is particularly beneficial for your professional life. In the workplace it brings energy, creativity and inspiration, encouraging a productive and enthusiastic environment. The crystal also promotes a sense of adventure and imagination when working on new ideas and projects. 

Chakra and Body:

This crystal activates the crown, third eye and throat chakras, encouraging spiritual transformation, mental clarity and positive communication. 

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