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Divinely Manifested

Raw Smoky Quartz

Raw Smoky Quartz

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(1) Raw Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is for Detoxification


Smokey Quartz is one of the most powerful stones of protection. It is a strong detoxifier and removes negative energy from its surroundings. Smokey quartz also carries a healing and grounding vibration, bringing a sense of balance and stability during times of stress.

Use For:

Wear or carry smoky quartz when you need a sense of stability in your life.  This stone is known for its strong ability to filter out negative energy of all kinds and will help to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, fear or jealousy. 

Home and Space:

This is a wonderful crystal to keep in the office or workspace. Mentally, it will enhance focus and concentration, while helping to sustain your energy levels throughout the day. If you work around computers, smoky quartz will also protect against electromagnetic pollution.

Chakra and Body:

Smoky quartz activates the root chakra, promoting emotional balance and calmness. This crystal will also increase creativity, vitality and passion throughout many areas of your life.

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