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Divinely Manifested

Pyrite Adjustable Bracelet in Silver

Pyrite Adjustable Bracelet in Silver

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925 Silver: Non-tarnish, water resistant, one-size fits most bracelet

Pyrite is for Vitality


Symbolizing the warmth of the sun, pyrite carries powerful vibrations of strength, vitality and happiness. It is a strong manifestation stone and will bring abundance and prosperity into all areas of life. It is also a powerful stone of protection, guarding against negative energy while promoting physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Use For:

Wearing pyrite is an effective way to increase your energy levels and to reduce mental exhaustion. It will bring inspiration and motivation to the wearer, while also attracting abundance and success.

Home and Space:

This is a wonderful stone to keep in the office or workspace, as it increases mental clarity and focus while lifting the vibration of the entire room. Pyrite inspires passion and creativity in the workplace and will attract good fortune to your business. 

Chakra and Body: 

Pyrite activates the solar plexus chakra, enhancing inner power, joy and confidence. 

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