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Divinely Manifested

Pink Moonstone Triangle Stud Earrings

Pink Moonstone Triangle Stud Earrings

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925 Silver, hypoallergenic earrings 

Moonstone has long been valued as a stone for lovers since it was believed the gemstone could encourage passion, so it's no surprise this romantically colored gem continues that belief. Pink flake moonstone is said to open our hearts and aligns feminine energies.

Moonstone is for peace and healing

Moon stone is considered a stone of protection, peace, and healing. It carries a light and nurturing energy that comes to mind and brings comfort during times of stress. Moonstone also enhances intuition and will encourage spiritual and personal growth.


  • Protection
  • Peace
  • Healing
  • Intuition
  • Harmony


Wearing moonstone is a wonderful way to feel its positive healing effects. As a crystal of protection, it can be carried during travel to protect against accidents. It is known to carry feminine energies, making it a powerful crystal to support women. Moonstone is also said to bring balance to hormones and bring harmony to the mind and emotions.


Moonstone is primarily associated with the crown chakra. This stone allows you to develop emotional awareness and will hide in your intuition

Benefits of wearing moonstone: 

  • It helps to regain inner balance.
  • It helps in self- healing.
  • It protects travelers from accidents, thefts or any other mishap.
  • It is a good gift for lovers to enhance passion between them.
  • It helps in spiritual growth.
  • It also helps to reunite the lost lovers.



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