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Divinely Manifested

Lapis lazli crystal pet tag

Lapis lazli crystal pet tag

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lapis lazuli healing stone for animals.
Can be fitted to cat/ dog collar.

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful dark blue stone that has natural flecks of gold.

Lapis lazuli, a dark blue stone is a powerful cleansing stone for both emotional and physical toxins.
Can help alleviate pain from muscular issues.
Whilst good for clearing toxins from the body it also aids in the absorption of much needed vitamins and minerals from the diet.
Good for using in conjunction with treatment for cancer, growths and tumours.
This stone is also good for calming highly excitable animals.

Lapis lazuli stone is good for
- kidney issues
- liver issues
- muscular problems such as strains, muscular wasting
- spinal/ back problems including fractures
- cancer/ tumours and growths
- depression
- breathing and respiratory issues
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