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Divinely Manifested

Labradorite Crystal Pet Tag

Labradorite Crystal Pet Tag

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Labradorite healing crystal charm for pets.

This is a faceted stone, iridescent grey with flashes of silver, blue and green.

Suitable for dogs/ cats to be worn on a collar or can be attached to a cage of small pet.

labradorite is a mystical protection stone. Founded in Labrador, Canada, legend says that the power of the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) was trapped inside the rocks of Labrador.
One warrior is said to have tried to free the light with his spear, but the strength of the rocks was such that this beautiful spectrum of light was crystallised inside them forever more.

A powerful protection stone, good for:
- Protection from negative energy
- Protection from illness and injury
- Boosts immunity and promotes good health
- A good companion for all stages of life, from birth through to adulthood into death.
- Balances and protects the aura.
- Embraces the light by eclipsing the dark... brings out your pets better nature, lighter traits and subdues anger, aggression and grumpiness.
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