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Divinely Manifested

Angelite Beaded Bracelet

Angelite Beaded Bracelet

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Angelite is for Spiritual Awareness


Angelite is considered to be one of the most powerful stones for enhancing spiritual awareness. It is associated with the energies of the angelic realm. Its vibration is incredibly potent and can help you to discover your own sense of spirituality.

Use For:

Carrying energies of peace, compassion and understanding, angelite is a beautiful stone with which to meditate. It promotes a deep sense of tranquility and can be used as a talisman to connect with your spirit guides.

Home and Space:

Calming and comforting, angelite is the perfect stone to keep in the bedroom. It will help to soothe an overactive mind and can protect against insomnia.

Chakra and Body:

Angelite will activate the throat, third eye and crown chakras, encouraging clear communication and enhanced intuition. 

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